Bekah Smith is a multi-talented entertainer based in Boulder, USA. Her shows combine a wide variety of skills including unicycle, juggling, lasso, clowning, stilt-walking, rat-taming and more! Bekah always brings the best entertainment to your audience!


In 2002, while attending her freshman year of college in western Kansas, Bekah taught to juggle with 3 hacky sacks. She found it to be an amazing challenge and a great form of stress-relief. Without anyone to learn from, she nonetheless progressed in skills and eventually moved from hacky sacks to ice scrapers and tennis rackets. Two years later, she stumbled upon the KSU Juggling Club, and this is when her life as a juggler truly began.

In 2009, Bekah started a new chapter of her career when she moved to Boulder, Colorado and began Up Down Circus (then called YEP) with her husband Warren Hammond. Dedicated to enriching the community through the circus arts, UDC was a fast success! In 2012, Bekah and Warren received the Excellence in Education Award from the International Jugglers’ Association in honor of their work bringing juggling to children everywhere.

Her work as a solo performer has moved forward at a breakneck pace. She has been lucky to perform at some amazing events, such as the International Clown Festival in India, Moisture Festival in Seattle, and she was even chosen to audition for David Letterman’s Stupid Human Tricks! In 2014, she added a whole new layer of performance style after attending the San Francisco Clown Conservatory.

14 years later after first learning to juggle, Bekah is traveling all over the world entertaining with her one-woman circus show, teaching juggling, circus and clown, learning from masters, and high-fiving as many people as possible. Her unique entertainment has been seen in 29 states and 7 countries around the world, and she is always dedicated to learning new skills and honing her craft.